General Contractor FAQ's

Hiring a general contractor? It can be difficult to know how to choose one. Asking the right questions goes a long way in developing a relationship that will give you the reliable service you want and the beautiful, durable results you expect for your home improvement project.

The professional contractors from Thiel’s Home Solutions have put together a list of some of the questions you should ask contractors from a remodeling company before signing on the dotted line!

Do You Have References?

Ask for references, and then follow through. Online reviews are a starting point, but actually talking to past customers of the company is a better way to get a feel about homeowners feel about their work and their experience working with them.

Are You Fully Licensed?

Your home is one of your most important investments, so be sure that any contractor who does work for you has the proper licenses and is fully insured.

Do You Pull Required Permits?

Most municipalities require permits to be filed before the home remodeling project begins. Reputable general contractors will always pull required permits, so steer clear of companies that skip this step.

Do You Use Subcontractors?

Using subcontractors isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but a home improvement company that uses only in-house contractors has better control over the quality of the contractors and the work they deliver.

Will a Supervisor Oversee the Work?

Whether the work will be completed by in-house professionals or subcontractors, ask how much supervision is provided on the job and how often the supervisor will be on the job site.

What Type of Warranty Do You Provide?

Learn about the types of warranties provided and whether the warranty covers both parts and labor. Whatever promises are made, be sure that the contractor provides them in writing.

What Is the Timeline for Completion?

Ask when you can expect the project to begin and when it will be completed. Also, inquire about what percentages of projects are completed on time.

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